Turn your backyard into a visual oasis

Imagine enjoying your time with friends and family in a backyard featuring a scene that captures the imagination and complements the natural beauty of Albuquerque’s high dessert.

Make Things Happen

If you can picture it, Don can create it. As an accomplished artist working with acrylics, Don will work with you to turn your vision into a piece of landscape art that enhances your outdoor space.

Is this your place?

Imagine vines, a wandering wisteria or a bountiful bougainvillea on a trellis or pergola. Or, perhaps there’s a mural landscape or another image that means something special to you.
This is about complementing your landscape, not competing against it.

Things on the Wall

About Don

New Zealand native Don Bremner saw the opportunity to combine his love of gardening and painting into a way to bring nature’s beauty to life all year long. Before bringing his “gardening” skills to Albuquerque, Don traveled the world extensively in tourism and hospitality management roles.

About Don


"We had Don paint a Wisteria on our backyard wall. Now every time I look out at it, I'm transported back to my childhood home and the fond memories of the Wisteria tree that grew outside our back door. I can almost smell that tree!" Jennifer & Brad.


It’s good for our state and environment

Conserve our resources and preserve our environment:
This creative art requires NO water. NO weeds. NO waste. NO bug sprays or fertilizer. NO leaves in the pool. No work. NO kidding! Gardening has never been this easy.